Uninstall all the Preinstalled Software in a Click with Decrap

These days when you buy a new computer, Windows comes with many programs preinstalled. The manufacturers do so, to reduce the installation later on but they don’t realize the fact that most of these programs are not necessarily required by everyone out there thereby making the system sluggish and consume space. While some of us are very particular in keeping only the useful software in our machines others tend to forget and thus waste their hard disk space.

These useless software that comes preinstalled in the system as also known as Bloatware or crapware. Thus it sometimes becomes very important to remove all or at least most of the useless software which can be time consuming. This process can take hours or may be even days, if you don’t have proper tools and guidance for that.

Here is a tool called as Decrap (or Decrap my Computer) which works like a PC Decrapifier to remove all the useless programs preinstalled in your system. Using this program can be very helpful as it helps in uninstalling either all of the preinstalled tools or some of them in just a click. The biggest advantage of using this tool is that the uninstallation is batch oriented and you don’t even need to keep monitoring all the time.

How Decrap works:

Just download the tool, and run it after installation. On the next screen, the tool will show a list of the tools that are installed in your machine. You can either select all of them or keep the ones that you use and select the ones that you wish to remove.


When you click next, it will ask to create a system restore point which is a good option as to restore to the current state if something goes wrong. Now you can select the fully automatic uninstallation or manual to see and select some options.


The tool also removes the registries of the software completely and lets you choose the uninstall option for that too.

Decrap is a great tool to keep the system a fresh without having to remove all the tools manually one by one. This will also ensure that your machine don’t have any useless tool (or bloatware) and is in a factory state always.

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