Uninstall or Remove any Application Completely with Uninstall Tool

We have lots of application installed in our systems, some we use and some we don’t. It is therefore necessary for us to remove the applications or the programs we don’t use. While we can use the default Windows’ Add/Remove wizard to uninstall but it sometimes happen that we are unable to remove the application and see some error message.

The application is either locked by some program or couldn’t be removed using the Windows Add Remove programs wizard. Does this mean, we can’t remove the program? Deleting the installation directory is no solution, as the registry added by the program would get left behind.

A solution to this problem is by using this tool called Uninstall Tool which is capable of removing complete traces of the application better than the default Add Remove programs wizard.


• Fast, safe and secure

• Uninstalls even hidden programs

• Portable, can be run from USBs too

• Uninstalls programs that could not be removed by Add/Remove program.

• Force removal of registry related to the programs

• Find registry, installation folder and website of the program to be removed

• View detailed information of the program

The tool is really a great alternative if you are facing any issues with your Windows Add/Remove Programs wizard. So whatever is the program, uninstall it easily using this tool called Uninstall Tool.

Download Uninstall Tool

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