Uninstall Program Completely and Cleanly with Install Monitor

If you have been working on Windows for some time now, then you might have come across this situation sometime. There are programs that refuse to install and uninstall cleanly thereby increasing system clutter and useless files consuming the hard disk space. It is thus very important to uninstall and remove an application cleanly and completely so that there is no program leftovers left in the system.

Moreover there are lots of uninstallers available on the internet that can be used for this purpose, but not all of them are free to use for personal use. I came across this free tool called Install Monitor from Mirekusoft that can be used to monitor the installation as well as uninstallation of the programs in your system.

Install Monitor silently sits in the system after installation and monitors for each and every program that is installed from now on. Thus it quickly recognizes the files while uninstalling and removes all of them instantly. It can help solve problems that are caused when a program does not uninstall properly. The result is a cleaner and more efficient system.

The other programs that are there in the market does this by taking system snapshot of “before” and “after” state however Install Monitor monitors the installation and saves the list of files installed, which is, in my opinion, a better technique. One thing to note here is that, it can remove all those applications completely which were installed after this tool was installed.

Installing Install Monitor allows a process named MspySvcHost.exe to sit in the system and monitor for any further installations. Install Monitor displays three tabs in the main window, Programs, Contents and Startup. Programs tab has list of programs from where you should uninstall an application. Contents display the contents of the application to be uninstalled while Startup displays the programs that were added in the startup list.

The program is compatible with all Windows versions both 32 and 64 bits.

Download Install Monitor (link removed on author’s request, please refer Google for the product)

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