Uninstall Program when unable to remove from Add/Remove Program

One of our readers was facing this problem that when trying to uninstalling software or a program from the Windows’ Add/Remove Programs list, the system showed an error message and the program was not successfully uninstalled.

If you are also facing somewhat similar issue, then here are some workarounds to this problem.

Let us know why this problem occurs:

This usually occurs if you have manually deleted the tool from the system but haven’t uninstalled it or in case of a multi user system, some other user has uninstalled it but you have no idea about it. In these cases, you will come across the following error message

“An error occurred while trying to remove program. Uninstallation has been cancelled”.


1.    First try the alternate tool called TweakUI
2.    After you have installed it, you need to visit the Add/Remove button in the tool (I am not sure where it is located, I guess should be under Repair tab).
3.    Select the program from there and get it uninstalled via TweakUI.

Another solution shall be the manual deletion from the registry database. Please note here that, to undo any changes, it is better to backup the registry database.

1.    Type regedit in the Run box.
2.    Navigate to the registry entry as specified below

3.    Here you will have to manually search for the program that you want to remove, and delete the whole set from the registry database.

Let me know if it helped.

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