Uninstall Security Tool completely

One of our readers wanted to know the steps to remove Security Tool completely. Let us all know what this tool is and how it harms the system.

What is Security Tool?

Security Tool is a fake spyware remover that is definitely opposite of its name. It sometimes also convinces the user to scan the system with some online scanner which is also fake. It also convinces you to buy the full product which is similar to the trial version.

Security Tool is definitely a fake and useless product from which one should stay away.

How to remove Security Tool:

1. Reboot the system in the safe mode.

2. Open the task manager and end all the processes with numeric name in the Processes tab.

3. Search the computer for files relating to the Security Tool. Find the target directory where the shortcuts point to and delete those as well.

4. Search and delete the same processes ended above.

5. Go to following location C:\Documents and settings\all users\ application data, locate a folder with some numeric name like 91908431. Make sure to permanently delete the folder.

6. Reboot the system in normal mode.

7. Remove all the shortcuts etc files relating to this product.

8. Scan your system using this tool called Mbam to remove other suspicions.

The tool should be removed and the system should be safe now.

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