Uninstall Windows from Computer having Multiple Instances

If you have been using Windows for some time then probably you must have seen some or the other computer having multiple instances of Windows installed. It is sometimes important to have more than one copy of Windows installed in the computer, may be check the hardware of your machine or just to use the other OS.

But uninstalling one of these is not very easy and especially if you are not geeky enough, then you would find it difficult to delete one of the copies of the Windows OS. As we need to update the Boot loader also so that it doesn’t show the OS listings the next time you boot.


So for all those who would like to have a tool for this purpose here is a free tool called NanWick Windows Uninstaller which is a simple tool to uninstall Windows from your computer having more than one installation. You would just need to download the tool from the link provided at the bottom of the article and run to follow the steps.


The tool will first ask you to scan the disk to detect the Windows installation, and provide you with the drive letters. So after you have selected the installation to delete, it will own the files (so that Windows can be removed easily). After removing all the OS files, it will rewrite the permissions back to you and also update the boot loader so that you don’t come across the OS listings when you boot up the next time.

The point here to note is that it is capable of removing Windows Vista, 7 and 8 as presently; it is not configured to uninstall the Windows XP. To download and read more about the tool, you can visit the developer’s link below.

In short it is a tool to uninstall Windows from computer with multiple installations easily.

Download NanWick Windows Uninstaller

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