Things you can do to Spend Free Time on the Internet

We are inundated with entertainment access each and every day. If you’re like me then you’re the type of person to spend nearly an hour sorting through the stations, browsing the Web, purchasing digital games, unlimited music stations, or scrolling through Netflix to find something to watch. There is so much choice that it starts to become a problem which people like to call information overload.

On one hand it’s amazing that we have so much content available but on the other it feels like there is simply so much that we can’t decide on what we want to do; it’s an interesting problem.

As someone who probably spends a little too much time browsing entertainment options, I figured, I could give you a distilled selection of services (and recommendations) so you’re no longer aimlessly surfing through the channels, Web, music, or games.

In terms of games I would have to say the best way to do it these days (especially if you’re a collector) is to take the following approach:

A. Get comfortable with waiting out the hype and read which is a great community for those that hold off on games until they become highly discounted.
B. Once you do find the games you want to play I would say to check out which gives you an estimate as to how long it’ll take to beat the game (so you’re not wasting hours upon hours of your free time).
C. Then I’d suggest something like to offload any game you aren’t playing in trade for something you actually want.

Doing these three things you will definitely make the most out of your gaming and entertainment dollar.

Movies & Shows
We always joke that there are 500+ channels and nothing to watch (at times) but you can’t knock at the number of choices especially when you have a good provider and opt for better channels.

Cable is nice but what I’d recommend is to go with one of the Direct TV satellite packages because this way you gain all the best channels (based on budget) such as HBO, Star, ESPN, Disney, and the like, which works wonders especially when you have a family that has different tastes.

Outside of that I would have to say Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are all excellent choices for catching up on your favorite movies and shows; these options are great especially when you purchase a set-top box so you can have all of it in one place.

The Web
You know there is more to the Web than just social media and news sites, right? There are millions of incredible blogs out there that are extremely entertaining whether they are about comics, share memes, viral content, educational videos, scientific reports, or has been curated by a community.

My top three recommendations if you want to explore the Web (and do something more with it) include:
A. Reddit (where you’ll find everything) – Because it has a very diverse community where you can find people talking about any type of topic
B. Udemy (and other online learning sites) – Because education is one of the fundamentals of the Web and it would be a shame just to use it to send silly cat pictures
C. YouTube (for obvious reasons) – Because you can learn, laugh, cry, build a business, watch movies, shows, listen to music, and so much more

When you have an excellent Internet connection these will easily become the main sites you’ll visit.

When you say you have “nothing to do” in reference to trying to find something entertaining it’s often because there’s so much out there that it’s hard to pick. It sounds silly that this is a problem but once you know your taste, join communities to discuss your favorites & topics, and use cool online services to filter out the junk. You really have incredible choices that will satisfy your thirst for content. Check out some of the sites and services I’ve recommended.

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