Unlock Password Protected Cells in Excel Sheet

For all those people who work mostly on the Excel sheet, this article will come very useful. We come across sheets having some cells password protected by the admin of the document. Here are some ways to unlock the cells protected with password even if you don’t know the password.

Using Online Utilities

1.    Google Docs

Just upload your spreadsheet to your Google Docs account, open it online and you will be able to use the sheet without any restrictions. However the only thing to consider is that, it may affect your sheet formatting like the cell spacing which can be corrected later.

2.    ZOHO Sheet

Same as the Google Docs, which let you upload the sheet and see or edit the contents of the password protected cells in the sheet. ZOHO Sheet also follows the same method that is upload the file and download it as other name.

3.    Ensode Excel Unlock Utility

You need to visit this page, upload your doc and the converted doc can be viewed online or saved to the system for further use. The upload link can be seen at the bottom of the page on Ensode.

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