Update Symantec Corporate Antivirus Definitions Offline

I am using Symantec Corporate Edition Antivirus for my computer, which is good for me (there may be better). I also keep it updated with the latest virus definition files. Recently I was required to install the same Antivirus to my friend’s computer.

I installed the Antivirus but the setup was bit old and contained old definition files, so I had to update around 50MB of definition files. Now using the following method I saved my download time and installed the latest definitions from my already updated PC.

Steps to update definitions without internet:

1.    Copy the definition files from the already updated system in a pen drive. The definition file is located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared.

2.    Just copy the folder named VirusDefs in the USB drive.

3.    After installing the Antivirus in the other computer, we need to replace this folder at the same location but this is not easy as we will not be able to delete the folder.

4.    To replace the folder, first run the Antivirus then go to File, click on “Unload Service”. This will stop all the services using the virus definition file.

5.    Now we can delete and replace the folder.

To start using the Antivirus again, just follow the steps to Load the service again.

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  1. You are running, that is the shipping build of SAV10. It is VERY old and there are several vulnerabilities. I suggest upgrading.

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