Upload Suspicious Files to ThreatExpert

My Antivirus (Symantec) and I are good at finding any virus or any suspicious file and removing it successfully. I am able to remove any virus from the system or a pen drive without any tool and have been doing it for a long time now but there are several files that we feel suspicious and do not know what to do.

Sometimes it also happens that (at least it happens to the basic users of the computer) they download a file and is rated a threat by their Anti Virus but in reality the file was genuine and clean.

Thus for those users who do not know whether a file is suspicious or not, there is an online utility known as ThreatExpert that will analyze the file for viruses and worms and will report it back and that too free of cost.

Now to use this service, there are two methods possible:

•    Submit the file to ThreatExpert online or,
•    Submit the file using stand alone applet in the PC itself

This is great utility to know about the genuineness of the file and I recommend using the applet version as it frees you from the overhead of opening the site and loading the page every time you wish to check the status of the file.

Also the applet version is little faster and enables us to send the file just by right clicking (Right click -> Send To -> ThreatExpert).

The applet is small in size (944 KB) and will work for Windows Vista 32/64-bit, XP and 2000.

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