Use 64-bit Web Browsers for 64 bit Windows OS

Let us first discuss that what does this 32-bit/64-bit means. It refers to the width of the CPU’s register. This register stores a small amount of data, which is used for optimum computer performance. The more is the value of this bit, the more you CPU can hold the data.

However, 64-bit version of Windows doesn’t use 64-bit browsers. Using a 64-bit browser can offer significant performance benefits, according to some benchmarks. But the system still uses 32-bit web browser. A study has shown that the 64-bit version of Firefox works 10% faster than the 32-bit.

If you want to use a 64-bit browser, then you have two options with Mozilla. Either you can use official-but-unstable nightly build or a stable-but-unofficial Waterfox. Though the Nightly version of Mozilla is official but it is constantly updating, so it’s not an ideal choice. Even the website doesn’t mention its existence for Windows.

The Waterfox is a 64-bit build of Firefox for Windows and it is stable. It even shares the same profile that Firefox does. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is also there in list, not only in list but ahead of all the other browsers in this category. If you’re running a 64-bit version of Windows, you’ll find a 64-bit version of Internet Explorer already installed and available for use in your Start menu. No other Web browser installs a 64-bit version by default yet.

For those who loves using Chrome have to wait for some more time as the 64-bit version of chrome is yet available for Linux only. Opera is also releasing its 64-bit version but this one is also unstable. If you are worried about the plug-ins for these browsers, then don’t worry as Adobe has already released Adobe Flash player for 64-bit web browsers.

As far as race of 64-bit browsers is concerned, IE is the only one leading but soon the picture might be different as there are other browsers too that are going to capture the market. It is time when we should switch to the 64-bit versions of the browsers.

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