Use all Social Networking Sites at one place with Social

In this generation of social networking, we all have our own personal social networking profiles and that too not only on either Facebook, twitter but also on many other websites. Also we happen to check our email and chat with our buddies daily, don’t we?

Doing all this can be irritating as we have to log on to these network and manage the windows separately. It would be surely better if we get to use all the social networking sites, emails and chat clients at one place, isn’t it?

This is what this free tool called Social Lite does. So whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Gmail or Gtalk, you can use entire social networking library at the same place. Whenever you get an alert or notification on some site, it will alert you too with some color so that you can easily identify which place you should go to check.

With Social, you can stay updated with your friends, check and send email or even chat with your buddies right at one place. You even get to see the previews of the incoming chat messages. A must have app which allows you to log in to multiple social sites at the same time and at the same place.

While Social is available in two versions, paid and free, the free version called Lite has some less features as compared to the full version but is still great to use.

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