Use Android Ice Cream Sandwich On iPad 1 And 2

Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest version of Android and most of the tech freaks are eager to use it. The company provided an upgrade to all Android devices. And if you have jail broken device you can use this upgrade on your iPad 1 and 2. But mind it; if your iPad is not jail broken, this article is not worth reading.

You will also be requiring a PC to download this upgrade. Before you start upgrading your i-device you are advised to take the tiny precaution of saving the SHSH blob on your machine. In case any problem occurs you will be able to restore all our settings back on your device.

It should also be noted that this Android 4 update can not be used for MAC OS X or Windows 64-bit. So if you are ready to use Android on your iPad, read the list of steps given below:

1. Get the installous from Cydia and search for RealVNC app.

2. Now download RealVNC for iPad/iPhone. VNC Viewer enables you to take remote control of a computer, view the desktop, run application, change settings, and access data exactly as you would be permitted to do if were you sitting in front of the computer, and using its keyboard and mouse and all this from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

3. After downloading this app, search for VNC server.

4. After locating the server, install this app suitably on your system

.5. Download Virtualbox for your system and get Android 4 iOS on your computer

6. On the virtualbox, select the option NEW, which helps one to install the new operating system

7. Now boot your device with this newly installed operating system

8. Select the iOS that you have downloaded

9. Access the RealVNC, in which you need to apply the ultraVNC server details to complete the set up on the computer.

10. Now run Android 4 to complete the process.

This process is easy and really helpful for all those who want to taste the new version- Android 4 on their iPad1/2. We are not providing you any links to get the files as you have to download it directly from your idevice. However, if you want any assistance we are there to help you

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