Use Dislike, Middle Finger and Rocks Emoticons in Facebook Chat

Online communication is one of the easiest and best ways to keep in touch with someone and especially when you are far away or in different time zones. Since Facebook is one of the most used websites today, Facebook chat is the best option to chat with someone in your friend list. I also like to drop some messages to my buddies on FB Chat when I need to communicate with them.

Facebook Chat has also got some stickers and emoticons to help express our emotions well but it lacked the dislike, middle finger and rocks emoticon for quite some time now. These emoticons are also important as they help us in communicating and expressing our emotions well. While we were able to use the Facebook Like button emoticon using (Y), we missed the Dislike thumbs down emoticon.


Well, now you can use the Facebook Dislike, Middle Finder and Rocks emoticon on Facebook Chat just by typing in some codes. Please note that, these emoticons will not work on comments, timelines or other places except the Facebook Chat (at least for now).

Code for Facebook Dislike Thumbs Down emoticon: [[iidislyk]]
Code for Facebook Middle Finger emoticon: [[midfing]]
Code for Facebook Rocks emoticon: [[roxsign]]

Try out the emoticons for yourself and you will be amazed to see them working on the FB chat. This will definitely help you express your mood better with the emoticons that you missed till now. Although there are other emoticons but not all of them were able to let us express ourselves.

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