Use Episode Player and Never Forget which Episode you Watched Last

There are numerous shows that are aired on your television regularly. It is hardly possible to watch your favorite shows regularly. Thus we often download several episodes of a T.V. show on our computers so that we can watch them as per our convenience.

So if you have many shows downloaded on your system then you might be thinking that with which episode you should start. It happens that we forget the episode number that we watched a day before and we waste our time in searching the previous episode. If it happens with you also then you this post will interest and help you a lot.

Episode player is a free app that will help you in such circumstances. It will keep a track on all the shows that you have already watched. Whatever your show is, it will keep it in well organized order. Even the program also checks the available media players on your computer and provides shortcuts for them within the program only.

When you will launch the application, you will have to add the source directory of your TV shows. Click open folder option in the main interface of the program and select the source directory. It will scan your system as well to check out the available media players. Once it is done, you are good to go.

Choose your first episode and play it on your preferred media player. The only drawback that I have come across in this app is that you have to select the root folders manually every time. Otherwise this would be the great application. Well it works on all versions of windows and both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions of windows 7 are also supported.

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