Use Functionalities of Skype and WhatsApp under one App Fuze

Who doesn’t like new and more features and that too in a single app? Well these days, we have lots of apps available however each is made to serve a single sole purpose. If we take the example of Skype, it is mostly used to video and voice calls over internet and on the other hand if we take example of WhatsApp, it is mostly used for communicating with our friends over texts.

What if you need to browse web at the same time? You will have to go to a web browser app and launch it to access the features. Similarly although WhatsApp is very popular but it still can’t be used for voice or video calling. Here is an app based on similar lines of WhatsApp but incorporates more functionality like that of Skype, a web browser and news feeds.


This app called as Fuze (by Acision) is available for free for both Android and iOS users too. In short, Fuze powers messaging, voice notes, voice and video calls, split screen web browsing and more. This means, that through Fuze you can perform the basic communication functions of your phone such as voice calling, and messaging plus an extremely rich suite of other services like: video calling, voice messaging, in-app web browsing and more, taking your current conversations further than any other application has before.


Moreover Fuze is free to use completely and all it just uses is your data whether it is on WiFi or on network, so if you have sufficient data for the communication, Fuze will be free completely. Fuze is a secure application too so that you don’t have to worry about sharing your personal messages, images, videos, voice notes, calls or other stuffs.

Fuze is simple to use too, and just needs another person to have the same app to be able to communicate. With so much advanced and better functionality than WhatsApp or Skype alone, I guess it needs some app improvements to be able to compete with the already famous apps. In any case, if you would like to try it out, then here are the links.

Download Fuze for Android
Download Fuze for iOS

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