Use your iPhone as a Metal Detector

While reading the title of this article, this must have strike in your mind that how an iPhone can be used as metal detector? But do not forget that it is an iPhone, it can do wonders. It can do a lot of things which we can’t think of.

The idea of using your iPhone as a metal detector is really an unrealistic one but in actual the iOS devices do have the necessary equipment which can make it useful for some basic metal detection. All you need is to know the way for optimum usage of these equipments.

An application known as Metal Detector really works and can turn your iPhone into a metal detector. Don’t take it wrong that it will even detect a small iron nail for you but any how it can manage to detect large isolated objects. This application can be downloaded from the link given below.

To check whether this application works or not, just launch the application after installing it on your iPhone and then choose the level of sensitivity and hold your device near a metal object. You will see that the needle in the meter will move to and fro according to the metallic object. The device will start vibrating also.

The interface of this application is very easy to handle. You can set the sensitivity level depending upon the size of object. If the slider is set to Low, only large objects will be picked out while the opposite will be true for Max sensitivity. Not as a basic utility but you can use it for fun. Let us give it a try.

Download Metal Detector

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