Use Multiple Firefox Profiles Simultaneously

All the settings that are made in Firefox like setting up of homepage, toolbars, bookmarks, saved passwords and other stuffs are stored in a special folder which is known as profile folder. This profile folder is kept aside from the installation folder of Firefox. It means that if anything goes wrong or if you uninstall Firefox from your system, you will not lose any of the above content.

Each user account has a single profile by default, but today we will let you know how you can run multiple Firefox instances with different profiles at the same time. Most people think that this feature is available only in chrome, but it is there in Firefox, though hidden.

To find this profile folder, go to the search option and type

For 32 bit- “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” –p

For 64 bit- “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” –p

A pop up window will appear showing you the profile manager, where you can allow another profile to use. You can click on create profile to create another profile.

After creating your new profile, run Firefox and it will appear like you have newly installed Firefox on your system. You will have to create a separate account if you want to use Firefox sync option. If you want to switch over another profile, download an extension from the link given below, then just click on the Firefox tab present on the above left corner and select launch another profile.

The name of this extension is “Profile Switcher extension”. And be sure that you install this extension in all the profiles. This will save your time and you can keep your professional and personal stuffs apart by creating profile. This is really a nice way to switch to other Firefox profiles without restarting the browser.

Download Profile Switcher extension

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