Use Right Click Context Menu to Upload Photos on Facebook

I remember those days when I wanted to share some of my pics with my friends or relatives and had not much of options with me. I had to either email them or use some photo uploading sites like Webshots. However things have changed, and with almost everyone on Facebook toady we don’t have to think much of how to share the images. We can simply upload the photos to our profile and share with our buddies added in our list.

By the way, how do you upload a pic to Facebook? I guess, you login to Facebook first, go to your profile, select the album to upload and then browse the images to upload and lastly let Facebook resize your images before uploading, right? Well, for all you Facebookers, here is a simple and useful tool called as “Easy Facebook Photo Uploader for Facebook”.

As the name of the tool suggests, Easy Facebook Photo Uploader for Facebook is a simple to use tool that lets you easily upload photos on Facebook without having to login into your actual Facebook account every time. So how does this tool work? Find it below.

After installing this free tool you just need to authorize it to be able to access your Facebook account which is only a one time process and don’t have to be done every time.

1. So when you know which photo you need to upload, just right click on it and select the option of “Send your photo(s) to Facebook”, which will prepare your photos for the upload right from your desktop and without having to launch your browser.


2. After that you need to select your FB account to upload images on to (you can add more than one FB account too), and click Next.


3. Now select the albums you wish to upload the image into or you can create a new one too.


4. When you click Next, you will see a progress window which will do two things: resize the images into the upload able format and then upload it. This will save you some time as the conversion will be done on your system rather than on Facebook which will be slower.


The tool Easy Facebook Photo Uploader for Facebook is really useful if you are into uploading photos every other day and want to save some time in the process.

Download Easy Facebook Photo Uploader for Facebook

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