Use Screen Wakeup to automatically Lock/Unlock your Phone

The market of smartphones is increasing day by day. More and more smartphones are being launched on a regular basis. Smartphones powered by android OS are the most popular among the category of smartphones. The biggest drawback that I have come across is that when you put it into your pockets, it starts functioning even if they are locked since they are touch screen based phones.

So as a solution for this problem, you can use ScreenWakeUp app. This app has been a recent addition in the Google Play store. Basically this app works using proximity sensor as base. Whenever the sensor gets covered (if you put it in your pocket) it will lock it automatically. Whenever it is unveiled it will automatically gets unlocked. This means that when you will take it out of your pocket, it will get unlocked. 

After installing the app, you will find that two icons have been added in your menu.  ScreenLock icon will lock your device instantly and ScreenWakeUp icon will lead you to the main interface of the application, where you will be able to make various settings to your app. For effective functioning of this app, it requires administrator privileges.

In the main interface you will be able to enable and disable the application. Anyhow if you want to uninstall this app, you will have to click on RELEASE LOCK ADMIN which will release the admin privileges. Secondly it allows you to schedule the process of locking the phone once the proximity sensor is covered. It also allows you to lock in various modes while you are on a call.

Usually we lock our phones using PINs and Gestures but the auto unlock mode is really an amazing addition to this app that will unlock your phone even it is locked by PINs and Gestures. This app is easy to use and also free to download. The app requires Android v2.2 or higher to run.

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