Use Scroogle for Simple and Private Search

In the world of Web search, Google is the leading and the most famous search engine that is liked by almost everyone for its speed search and almost accurate results. Google has several UI features that look good to most people but there are features that are not required by us.

Google Instant search feature, the preview box and the sidebar are some features that make it stand out from other search sites but on the other hand these features are sometime irritating and don’t look good to everyone. So in case you don’t want to use the search preview feature of Google, here is a simple and private search engine called Scroogle.

The most interesting feature that appealed to me about Scroogle is that it stores no cookies, no search records and the data gets deleted soon, so it is safe for people who wish to search for terms that otherwise would have required privacy.

In short Scroogle is an ad-free Google search proxy which prevents the searcher’s data being stored by Google.

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  1. Or try using which is an anonymous search engine that doesn’t keep ip or search records and does not track users.

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