Useful Keyboard Shortcuts least known to us

We like to spend our most time on PC either doing some work or just chilling out. Keyboard shortcuts make our difficult task easy and we also stress out less. There are whole lots of key shortcuts available and I would not waste time discussing those already known shortcuts.

So here is a list of least known shortcuts that may come useful if our mouse is not working.

For Windows:

  • We know to go back in the browser we use “Backspace” but do you know the key to go forward? Use keys “Alt + right arrow” to go forwards. Alternatively you could use “Alt + left arrow” to go back.
  • To minimize all windows we use “windows key + M” but to minimize a single window use “Alt + Space bar”, then press N.
  • To close a window we use Alt + F4, but we can do the same thing by “Alt + space bar”, then pressing C.
  • Pressing Ctrl + Alt +Del produces Task Manager, but we can also do this by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keys.
  • To delete the whole word while typing don’t just use backspace, use Ctrl+Backspace. It will delete the whole word instantly.
  • To travel backward try Ctrl + Arrow keys instead of only the arrow keys.
  • To go back in a tab while filling details in a form, use Shift + Tab.

For Firefox:

  • Press “Ctrl + 1” to switch to the first opened tab from several opened tabs.
  • Similarly, pressing “Ctrl + 2” will toggle the tab to the second opened tab.
  • We can do this until 8, as pressing “Ctrl + 9” will always switch to the last tab whether there are more than 9 tabs.

So if you also know useful shortcuts that are least known to us, share it here.

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