Vaccinate your Computer and USB with Panda USB Vaccine

There is no doubt that the USB drives are the prime reason for the spread of the viruses and malware from one system to the other. Have you ever noticed that this spread is initiated by a file called Autorun.inf?

So that means if we can disable this autorun.inf file then our system would get protected from the spread of the virus most of the times. Malicious programs usually modify the autorun file on the USB devices, thus to safeguard against these risks we have a tool called Panda USB Vaccine.

Panda USB Vaccine allows users to disable the AutoRun feature on computers as well as on USB drives and other devices. This tool not only act as a vaccine to the computers by preventing the execution of the autorun files from any device, but also act as the vaccine to the USB devices by preventing the autorun file from becoming the source of infection.

Disabling the autorun file in Windows can’t get simpler than this.

TS thank Simon for suggesting this post.

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