Verbatim Search to search exact terms in Google

It has always been difficult time when you wish to search for some term in Google exactly. With the new and improved features in Google like the term suggestion, synonyms, similar terms and spelling suggestions etc, I always faced difficulties if I need to some term exactly.

Google always searched for the term closest to the searched one if it doesn’t exist, but what if you actually want to search that term? Till now it was bit difficult, and seeing this Google had introduced this new search feature called Verbatim.

With the Verbatim tool, you can search using the exact keywords you typed. The searches you make on Google are usually improved to help minimize your time spent searching and get you the information you really want.

Using this search tool, you can search the exact term you want to find out on the web without any prompt from the Google. Here’s how to access Verbatim:
•  Click More search tools on the left side of the search results page.
•  Click Verbatim.
•  Type your search terms into the search box and type Enter

Following are the reasons why Google had to come up with something like this:
•    suggest spelling corrections and alternative spellings
•    personalize your search by using information such as sites you’ve visited before
•    include synonyms of your search terms to find related results
•    find results that match similar terms to those in your query
•    search for words with the same stem, like “running” when you search for [ run ]

This was something what many people were missing till now, as it helps in searching what we are actually looking for and not what Google wants us to search for.

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