Verify E-Mail Address to Know its Validity

Want to know whether an e-mail ID is genuine or not? So if you come across various email Ids and wanted to know whether they actually exist or not, then you can do that easily. I come across many email ids daily, some of which are fraud and don’t exist. The following tool helped me find out whether the email ids exist or not.

Free Email Address Verifier is an online email verification tool that actually connects to the mail server and checks whether the mailbox exists or not. It checks for all email Ids of the format “” and reports the result back within seconds. Just visit this site and enter your suspected email address in the search field. Hit the verify button and within seconds the result will be shown below.

If the result is Bad, then surely the Address either does not exist or there is some problem with it (the reason would also be listed along). You can also check out the log below to know more about the verification process.

Note: There are some mailboxes that do not cooperate with this utility like

So if you receive a suspected email address next time you know what to do then.

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