Verify Website’s Genuineness before Opening

There are lot of web sites in the world and of this big number constitutes the sites that are fraud. These sites can infect your computer or hack your secret info like the passwords; therefore it is advisable to check out its ratings before opening.

There is a toolbar called Browser Defender that allows you to surf safely by displaying site ratings as you browse the internet. Since it is a toolbar, no software installation is required. Whether you open a web site directly or through Google, you can know about its security ratings easily similar to the Site Advisor.

Whenever you open a site, it gets scanned with the server at Browser Defender and the ratings are displayed based on any potentially malicious behaviour or threats associated with the site. Installing this toolbar places an icon next to the address bar that displays whether the site is genuine or not.

Browser Defender also marks up search results provided by popular search engines including Google and Yahoo so you can see which sites Browser Defender deems unsafe before you visit them. The toolbar is currently available for Firefox and Internet Explorer users only.

Install Browser Defender

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