Viber for Windows 8 now with HD Voice Quality and Live Tiles

For all those who are living away from home, Viber has become the first choice to call your near and dear ones by avoiding heavy outstation call charges. I use Viber almost everyday to call my buddies who are away from me and this saves me lot of bucks too. Moreover it’s not only the calls that we can make from Viber, it also allows us to message and share pictures with our friends.

It is because of these features that Viber has become so famous with over 175 million people using the service worldwide daily. In spite all these useful features, the application is completely free, safe and secure and that too without any advertisements. I think these are all the features that are enough to make the application so popular.


Viber is available on all mobile platforms too whether it is iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 which results in wide range of users and connectivity. Team Viber is also striving for better performance and experience and that is why they have upgraded the Windows phone 8 Viber app.


So now Windows phone 8 Viber users can talk to their friends on Viber in HD voice quality. Isn’t it cool? You get to talk to your buddies in superfine HD voice quality without any disturbance and that too for free. The team has also introduced better Live Tiles for the WP8, which means now you can not only pull the app but also any chat conversation as a tile on the main screen. So if you chat with someone a lot, then you can directly create a tile of the conversation making it easier for you.

Features of the new Viber WP8 app:

• Free calls with HD sound quality
• Free text and photo messaging
• Share photos on Viber directly from your device’s photo gallery
• Connect with your friends in group conversations of up to 40 participants
• Share your location in messages
• Live Tiles
• Pin conversations to your home screen
• Lock screen notifications
• 30 supported languages

If you, still, are missing out on this great app on your Windows phone 8 then get it from here.

Download Viber for Windows phone 8

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