Viber now Available for Windows and Mac Desktop

These days Viber is one of the most famous and used communication media since it is very easy to use and is independent of the location of a person. According to the official Viber team, they have crossed over 200 million users worldwide across all the media Viber supports. So that means you have better chances of calling someone in your contacts list.

With this news, team Viber had also announced the release of their new product called as Viber Desktop which is nothing but a simple and easy to use Viber app for your desktop computer. Now, you can even use your Windows or Mac machine to call anyone (having an account on Viber) for free anytime just by using your data connection or the WiFi internet.


Viber allowed people to use their mobile numbers on iOS, Android and other OS platforms to call someone also having number registered with Viber, to communicate for free over cellular or WiFi connection. Now with the launch of Viber Desktop, the mobility had increased. As per the team Viber, since most people spend their time in office or at home before a computer, it would be handy for them. What’s more, you can even switch your communication from desktop to viber on phone with just a press of a button without any hiccup.


Let’s have a look at some features of Viber as a whole:

• Seamlessly transfer calls between Viber Desktop and the Viber app with one click or tap
• Received and Sent messages are shown on all devices, but will only “beep” on the device you are currently using
• Messages and conversations you delete from one device will be removed from all devices

Although Viber is more like Skype, but it is the convenience and the ease of use that appealed to most of the users. However there is one difference between the two, Skype lets you call anyone whether or not registered with Skype (with some charges though) whereas with Viber you can only call someone registered with it.[via]

Download Viber for Desktop

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