View, Copy or Save Icons with IconViewer

There are lot of icons we come across while using the computer, some of which are so stylish and cool that we want to save them with us and use them for our purpose.

Well, viewing icons or copying them is not difficult anymore and with the use of a tool called IconViewer it is rather easy. IconViewer is a free Windows Explorer extension that lets you easily view, copy, and save icons contained within programs and libraries.

After having this program installed, what you need to do is just right click on the file, go to properties and select the Icons tab. There you will find all the icons contained in the file which can further be used for our purpose by copying or saving them on the desktop.

IconViewer is a shell extension, a plugin for Windows Explorer. When you open the Properties box for a file containing icons, an extra Icons tab will appear. Clicking on this tab brings up the IconViewer property page, and it lists the icons that the file contains.

If you are unsure of the usage and installation of the tool then here is the full tutorial based on it.

Download IconViewer

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