View Exif Info of Images in iPhone/iPad (Cydia Tweak)

Being a passionate photographer, I have been always interested in photography and thus like keeping my clicked photos in my iPhone, but one thing that I miss the most is the inability of my iPhone in displaying the EXIF info of the images stored.

In case you are wondering what the EXIF info is, then it is the details of the image that tells you the settings used to click the photograph and other settings like resolution, dpi, ISO etc. I have been wondering if there is some app in the App store to help me with this. But if you have a jailbroken iPhone and have Cydia installed in it then here is some cydia app that will help you in this regard.

You just need to install the cydia app called as PhotoExif. After you have installed this, you can view the EXIF info of the images stored in your iPhone right in your hands. To see this in action, you need to first install the PhotoExif app from Cydia, after you have done this, click on the image options arrow on bottom left of screen and select the Exif Info button.

This is a good tweak to get your iPhone display the EXIF details however there are few features that I didn’t like much, first one being the unorganized EXIF details that are displayed. The details are displayed in a code fashion which doesn’t look pleasant to the eyes. Second feature that I didn’t like is that you can’t update/change the EXIF details, as you can only view them.

If you are one person who wants this tweak on his iPhone so that you can view the details of the image, then you can visit the BigBoss repo of the Cydia and search for PhotoExif app. This is a small app and you can install it from Cydia easily.

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