View HTML Code of any Webpage with WinHtmlDump

If there is some website or a webpage that has attracted your attention and you wish to see its HTML code, then what you usually do? You go to file menu of the browser and select the View HTML code option.

Although this practice is not that bad, but there are better ways of doing the same thing. Here is a tool called WinHtmlDump that is specifically meant to serve this purpose. The tool is nothing but a core HTML code viewer that helps you to view the HTML code of any webpage even without opening it.

The tool is a HTML web page viewer and you don’t even need to run the web browser to see the code of any web page. This program works with all versions of Windows. If your system is Windows XP or older, it requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher. What’s more, the tool is free to use.

Download WinHtmlDump

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