View Locked Orkut Albums and Scraps

Orkut is the famous online social networking site and is liked by almost every one of us. Orkut is a feature to interact with other peoples in the world by Google. But Orkut have added a feature to restrict viewing of our personal photo album and scrapbook from public viewing.

Now since the world is full of hackers and crackers looking for things like these, they had managed to find a way to view the albums and scrapbook earlier and the trick was working absolutely fine few months back. But when the Orkut people came to know about the trick, they fixed that instantaneously.

It is my sincere advice for you people to not to use any Java code as this can have adverse effects like banning your Orkut account or even you may end up revealing your password.

So the best way available till now to view the Blocked Albums is to send the person a “Friend Request” 🙂

12 Replies to “View Locked Orkut Albums and Scraps”

  1. well that doesn’t give you the license to view locked album unless the person himself accepts your friends request and allows you to view them.

    And yes we all should follow this protocol and never n never try or run any javascripts that we don’t know what it does since any javascript that you use for viewing albums or for sending multiple scraps may contain malicious content and use session hijacking technique to use your account as their orkut account and perform malicious activities.

    I have myself tested the hundreds of scripts available for the same and also created some (just for ethical purposes) and believe me 98% of them use your account credentials to perform some sort of malicious activity.


  2. Abe yaar, hack ka advice diya kar, public service ka nahin. Friendship add request send karne pe accept kar legi kya, agar kar liya hota to pic ya scrap block kyun kiya hota?

  3. lol, yaar google (Orkut is linked to it) is not a small thing, it has removed all bugs. Tu bhej k dekh request, accept kar liya to gud nahi to kisi aur ko bhej diyo 🙂

  4. hey admin debi says right plz make valuable links u wasted my 1 min…ur other posts r too good but remove this PUblic Service links…

  5. Gosh i wasted your 1 min 🙂 Anyways this post was written just to tell you that there is no method till now to view the locked album.

  6. LoL @ automotive floor jacks…

    Just look at the footer to find out the theme of the template…

    By the way, a complete Waste Post. Not appreciated!!!

  7. “So the best way available till now to view the Blocked Albums is to send the person a “Friend Request””

    This is not a way…you can view only if he accepts your friends list 😛

  8. well their is a way but that would be expensive and time have to hack the account for it this could be done using spysniper software wch once installed in other person computer it will give all imformation about it.and i guess it is not a crime unless we r not hurting smone

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