View System and Hidden Files through Firefox and Chrome Browser

This is an interesting share to all those who wish to see the system files or the hidden files and folders in the drives but due to restrictions are unable to see. Consider the following situation, you are on some shared system that have Folder Options disabled, then there is no way to view the hidden files and folders.

In that case, the easiest way to view the system hidden files and folders is by using the Firefox or Chrome web browsers. Just run the Firefox or Chrome browser and type in the drive you wish to see (like C:\) and hit enter. This will show you all the files and folders present inside that drive.

Something to note here is that this tip is good for viewing the files but if you click any of them through the browser; it will open a download dialog box asking to download the file. Also this thing isn’t good for Internet Explorer as typing the drive name in the URL bar will open the windows explorer.

The info holds good for Firefox and Chrome, but you may check out the other browsers too.

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  1. These trick is not helpful.when i applied same trick in my browser in firefox i can’t see the hidden files

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