VIMEO 2.0 – Video Editor For iPhone & iPad

The previous week VIMEO 2.0 was released with upgraded performance and excellent user interface. Those who have never used Vimeo, it is actually like You Tube, in fact more than You Tube. Though vimeo was released last month for android and windows phones but now it has been released for i-devices also and with the enhanced performance.

As it is very similar to You Tube and if you have some Youtube app installed on your device, there will be no problem in using vimeo. The user interface should be very familiar to you. As soon as you open the app you will be able to recognize many of the items presented in the menu bar. 

The TV icon takes you directly to the videos already featured before that includes categories for Independent Films, Animated productions, Music videos, the Vimeo HD channel, and Staff Picks. In this Featured Categories you will be able to see a difference between the type of videos typically uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube.

Edit and Upload Videos

An exciting feature in this app is that you can upload and edit videos right from within your iDevice like iPhone or iPad. In the editor you can add videos from the Video and Photo Library of your device, as well as shoot raw video with the built-in camera. This editing feature has similar functions as Apple’s own iOS iMovie app. You can combine, edit, and trim your videos; add transitions, titles and effects, and include background music and sound recordings.

Enjoy using the application with all of your i-devices. It is simple to use and is very helpful because it is great to have such a video editor on the move. If you are finding it difficult to use this app for the first time, using it for some time will definitely solve your problem You can also leave a comment below and we will try to help you.

Download Vimeo 2.0

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