Virtually Draw or Write anywhere on Computer Screen with Epic Pen

For a person who likes to write articles on computers or may be someone who needs to point out something on a screen, there has been a problem of highlighting the text always. If you have to do that at run time or say over one window, the task is little difficult. Wouldn’t it be great if there is something using which we can write or draw or mark anything in freehand on the screen at anytime?

Here is a tool just for that purpose. The tool is called Epic Pen and it is a free open source tool using which you can mark, highlight, write or draw anything anywhere on the screen and that too in the free hand using the computer mouse. Epic Pen is not a pen but a tool that works like one.


Using the tool is very easy too, all you have to do is just run the program and it will then start showing in the taskbar. The tool provides you with some options like using a Pencil to write or mark something, highlighter to highlight something on the screen and an eraser to erase something on the screen. You can also select the marking color from the palette which has all the basic colors present. You get all the basic options like changing the head size of the marker, and changing the colors.


The eraser comes in two variations, Erase and Erase All. If you wish to erase something specific that you just marked then use Eraser else use Erase All to erase everything you did at once. The tool works great on all versions of Windows.

Epic Pen can be useful for someone who needs to point out/highlight something say at the time of presentation or may be at a time of screen recording/sharing. If you liked the tool, it can be downloaded from the link below for free.

Download Epic Pen

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