Voice Command Plugin for Firefox

So how you have been searching some query on Google using the Firefox browser as of now? The most common reply would be by manually typing the query in the search field and hitting Enter.

Well that is a common scenario but what is uncommon these days is the Firefox plugin called Firesay. Firesay enables you to surf the web using voice commands. This feature is quite amazing and adds the speech recognition feature to the Firefox.

Firesay is a free firefox plugin using which you can search any query on Google by speaking out the query and not typing the text. Say which sites you want to visit instead of typing URL addresses. The plugin is currently in the Beta stage but is quite usable.

This is how you will have to use this plugin:

•    To search something n Google, speak “Search Google techsalsa”, this will search Google for techsalsa.
•    To open certain page, say “goto facebook” this will open the Facebook page
•    Say, “Close tab” to close the active tab.

There are more formats for using this add-in which can be looked at the following link.

Download Firesay

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