Volume2: Advanced Windows Volume Control

We all have default Windows Audio controls in our systems but those are so simple that we sometimes miss the advanced audio controls. For all those who like listening to audio much, here is something that would really interests. There are quite a many volume controllers that can manage the audio in your computer but there is one that we are reviewing today.

This free advanced windows audio controller is called as Volume2. This tool, after installation, will provide a boost to your audio controls in your system and can be used as the advanced audio controls to manage the audio of your system. If your system misses the advanced controls and also if you don’t have a multimedia keyboard then you should definitely try this.


With Volume2, you can easily control the volume of your system with a set of custom hotkeys and mouse actions. You don’t always need to launch the audio manager to have this done. What is interesting about this tool is that you can make use of the mouse actions too to control the sound, like if you move the mouse to the extreme right end, it will open the sound controls. The tool is basically written in Russian language but it can be set in many other languages too like English while installation.


Volume2 keeps running in the background and can be accessed from the taskbar. You can also set the different mouse click patterns which on clicking the tray icon will produce different results. If you run the tool for different options, you will see many things like a Scheduler tab. This can be used to schedule a program to execute at some specified time.

The program is compatible with different versions of Windows like XP, Vista, 7 and 8. You can download a copy for your use at the below location.

Download Volume2

Another Download Location

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  1. I use it for 2 years and it works well. Not a problem. Nice change of volume, CD eject, etc..

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