Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock for Android requires you to Walk to Stop the Alarm

Well here is one more alarm clock app for those of you “sleepy heads” who find it difficult to wake up every morning. We have written about one such app few days ago called as Puzzle Alarm Clock, and here is another. Are we really reviewing the alarm clock apps these days? Well there is something that needs to be discussed with you guys about this app, hence this article.

This app is called “Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock” and the most interesting feature that I liked about this app is that it really forces you to get up from your bed, walk around a bit before you are able to turn off the alarm. I guess it’s a better idea to walk some steps than solving puzzles very morning as it is the most difficult thing to get up from the bed.


Once you find yourself walking to stop the alarm, I don’t think you would go back and sleep, would you? Setting the app is quite easy as you just need to set the number of steps that you need to walk every morning and if you clever heads are thinking that you can actually fool the app by just shaking it then please be aware that it has a punish mode too in which it will reset the steps to 0 if you do so lol.


The app also features an Evil Mode, which will disable the snooze button for you, so that actually means you don’t have any choice but to get up and walk around a bit. The app features a voice assist which will count and speak the steps you are left. You can also set as many steps as you want to walk every morning but it is recommended to keep it low as you will then actually need to walk those many steps before you can turn off the sound.

More features of the app involves changing the snooze duration, changing the sensitivity of the step counter, adding quick alarms, changing alarm tone and volume and others. The app is free to use too but it would contain ads which you can avoid if you get a paid version.

You can try the “Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock” for Android at the below location.

Download Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock for Android

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