Want to Edit your Facebook Look Back Video, Wait for Some Time

I am sure everyone’s news feed is flooded by the Look Back videos which Facebook released as a new feature couple of days back when it turned 10. It is a nice way to remind people of their old memories and thus making them emotional. Almost everyone in my friends list had shared their look back videos which I haven’t seen though lol. However I have seen my own look back video to see how it has been created for me (but have not shared on my profile).

There were some pics that I thought didn’t suit my story and thus would like to change with some better ones which fit the situation. As a whole I liked my video, but there is couple of instances where I would like to change or edit the video (had there been an option for that). I am sure there are many people like me who would like to do the same too.


So for all those who would like to change or edit some images on their look back videos, Facebook had officially announced that it will be soon releasing this feature to update the videos; however the official date has still not been announced by it.

“We will be launching an Edit feature soon that will allow people to change moments in their movies or update the ones they shared. I don’t have exact timing at the moment, but this will enable people to remove a post from the movie that was pre-selected and change it to a different one”

So if you didn’t like your own look back story, then no more complaining, looks like Facebook heard you and there should be an option to modify or update it soon on your profile.

Till then, why don’t just watch and appreciate others’ look back story?[via]

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