Watch Videos in Floating Popup Window on iPhone with VideoPane

After using iPhone for long time now, I have switched to Android and I must say each platform have their advantages and experience. Among the many other features that I liked in my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the ability to play a video in a Pop up Window while working on some other app and tasks in the background was one feature that I liked the most.

This allows us to not to pause or stop the playback of the video we are watching even if we are required to respond to a text message or perform some other work. What we just need to do is just pop out the video in a separate floating window and let it run in the foreground.


This feature is still limited to the Samsung phones and iPhone users can’t make use of it. So for all you iPhone users out there (with the jailbroken iPhone), here is a utility called as VideoPane which can actually provide the same feature to your iPhone and turn it into a real multi tasking device.


What you need to do is just download and install this app called as VideoPane from Cydia store and whenever you play a video next time, it will by default ask you for detaching in a pop up window. However you can also configure the tweak (by going into the app settings) with Activator control, so that whenever you wish to detach the window you can.


You can easily drag, resize the window and also pause the video with just single tap on the video itself. If you wish to play the video in the full screen again, you just need to press the arrows in the bottom right part of the video screen. This Cydia app will bring the same video pop up capabilities as in Samsung to your iPhone.

However this app is not free and if you like it you might wish to spend $1.99 for it to officially purchase from the Cydia store.[via]

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