Watch YouTube Videos while Scrolling Down to Read Comments

YouTube is one of my favorite time spending activities as there are lots and lots of entertaining and educating videos that whenever I feel bored, I get on to it to spend some time. However not all videos on YouTube are worth watching and finding this before actually watching, is not easy. In order to find that, there are some things that you can do like check the ratings of the video or read the comments posted below.

Thus every time I start watching a video I read the comments first to get an insight of what people think about it but at the same time, I lose the sight of the video being played on the top. This makes me replay the video from starting to see the moments I missed.


Well if you guys are using Chrome as your browser then here is some extension that you can make use of, to keep your video insight while still scrolling down to read the comments. Yes this is possible with help of an extension called as Video Pinner.


Video Pinner is a Chrome extension that, when enabled, pins the YouTube video to the page so that the video stays right where it is thereby allowing you to read the scrolling down to read the comments. This way you won’t miss on watching the video while you scroll down to read the comments.


All you need to do is just install the extension, and click it each time you wish to enable the feature. However the extension keeps itself enabled until the page is reloaded, which means there is no toggle feature with the button and you will need to reload the page again to disable it. The Video Pinner button is placed right on the extension bar.

If you liked the extension, then you can have it for free from the Chrome store, the link for which is provided at the bottom. Let me know if you liked this extension.

Download Video Pinner

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