And we are Back!!

It’s been a long time since we have written something about, since we have resolved your issues, since we have interacted; but if good things come to an end, bad things too. Yes we are back, and in case you were assuming what happened to me or to the blog, here is why I wasn’t able to publish all this while.

But hey, before that, my sincere greetings and thanks to all those who actually checked how I was and why there had been no posting (via emails and facebook messages). There is no greater excitement than writing after this long.

Where I was busy all this while?

Our last post came in August 2014, and since then I had always wanted to write but couldn’t take out time for that. So what was it that kept me busy? Well, majorly it was my full time job that I do as an IT Security Engineer that kept me busy, along with my interest to learn something new and grow in this domain.

Yes, I could have taken time out to post when I am not working and at home right? Well, being single has its own disadvantages too lol. I had to do all the work and errands myself, along with managing my social life. But as they say, “Better late than Never”.

Some of you might know, I like to travel a lot. Thus, for a traveler in me, I have been able to tour different places too. I have been to Las Vegas on New Year for that crazy night, then went to Mardi Gras festival in Feb, also visited family in Delhi in March, celebrated Holi festival with family and friends and also been to many close by places where I could drive for the weekend.

So with this short post, I am happy and hopeful that I shall be finding time to write more often now and present to you all those useful articles that you have liked for all these years.

Stay in touch!

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  1. Hiiiiii buddy h r u :).. Your back after long time.. Iam your biggest fan of techsalsa…i Hope Your fine.

  2. nice too see you again pal…keep writing and spread knowledge as its beautiful of sharing

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