WeGame: The Free Screen Capture Software

Do you like playing games very much? If yes and are helpless on how you can record your game play as a video then this post is certainly for you.

There are many screen capture software and no doubt Fraps is the most popular among them but its disadvantage is that the free version is highly limited in functionality and commercial version not all can afford. Well there are many others but this WeGame is seriously nice tool to record your game videos.

In fact Wegame is a gaming portal where users from all around the world have uploaded their videos and screenshots and of all the games played by them. So the game recording software WeGame is developed by them and is available for free.

The only thing you need to use this client software is the existing or new Wegame account which is also free. Since this is a ‘client’ software, it will record the videos of your game and can upload it at the forum easily if allowed by you. Till then the videos are saved at the hard drive of the PC.

Use of WeGame:
The software can be used easily by anyone and does not affect the actual game in the process. To start recording just press the hotkeys specified by you and pressing the keys again will stop the recording. The video can be recorded either in low quality or in high quality.

If you just wish to capture the screenies then you need to enter a different combination of keys (that can be specified you).

So go ahead and show off your friends that extraordinary headshot you took because “it didn’t happen unless it’s on video”.

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  1. hi i will try ur software hope if it great work on my pc then most people will happy to come to ur webs thankyou

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