What are FOUND.000 Folders and why are they Created?

If you have worked on Windows for some time now then you must have seen some folders in the root drives with the name starting with Found like Found.000, Found.001 and so on. The post will let you know what are Found folders and why are they created once a while in the root drive.

What are Found.000 folders?

As you can see in the pic above, these folders are system hidden folders that are made hidden by default by the Operating System and you can see those (if present on the disk) by unchecking the option of “Hide protected Operating System Files and Folders” in the Folder Options.

Why are they created?

These folders are created automatically when we run the chkdsk scan or possibly another disk checking utility. When errors are found such as lost clusters on your drive, Windows will fix the errors but depending on whether or not you have chosen to convert lost clusters or chains to file, windows will create these folders sequentially starting with .000. So you may have several of them.

The folders contain files with names File0000.chk, File 0001.chk and so on. These file are created to save any lost data during the chkdsk fix.

But usually these files are of no use and you can delete them at your will.

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  1. they said these are kind of virus..
    i’m really confuse about that coz i didnt perform checkdisk or else but i just opn my Flash Disk ! thank you..!

  2. BS. Sometimes there are lost files in it that are completely okay. They were recovered by chkdsk and stored there by the system. If you find some of your files are missing, don’t delete these folders. Your files might be there.

  3. if i delete this any problem will come…
    bcos i delete these files and the system is not getting booted… its contiously getting restarted…..

  4. Found.011.exe is a virus but found.000 is not a virus. See the difference. Found.011 is a trojan! watch out!

  5. These are not a virus. Just like what was posted they are remants of files recovered from running a chkdsk. You can delete them at will. Reggie does not know what he is talking about

  6. I have some folders in these found0000.chk folders that contain files in blue ink and with names like “_REGISTRY_MACHINE_SAM”, “_REGISTRY_USER_NTUSER_S-1-5-18”, and “$WinMgmt.CFG”, for 3 examples. There are alot in this blue color, some called MAP.
    Can they all be deleted without worry?

  7. The blue thing means your hard disk has the setting ‘compress files to save space’ on. If you go into properties you will see it selected. This reduces the space files take up, but it takes longer to open.

    Other than that, they are normal files.

  8. no problem for recover like this file just right clik on found.000 then u can see list of files. for exa.– 001.chk ,002.chk just change this file type for exa.— for photo 001.chk to 001.jpg for movie 001.mpg ,001.vob ,001.mts , for note book file 001.chk to 001.txt for word file 001.chk to 001.docx for excel file 001.chk to 001.xlsx
    just rename all file format then u can recover all files.

  9. Becareful if you try to move folder in this found.000 to outside  directory you will lost all content!

  10. found.000 and so on, folders are not virus, Windows create these folder when we run chkdsk and many time these folder contains our lost folders in a particular drive. So i suggest you not to delete folders without searching them whether they contain your lost files and folders or not.

  11. I thought I lost a terabyte of videos and noticed the space was still being occupied on the hard drive but the videos where not visible until I showed system folders and saw everything was in the found.000 folder. Looks like it may be time for a new drive.

  12. To recover .chk files in FOUND.xxx folders do this:
    (Haven’t tried this but it should work.)
    1. Make a copy of each file into the same folder.
    (Hold down the Ctrl key while copying to do this.)
    2. Right-click on each file and choose ‘Properties’.
    3. Somewhere in Properties should be info on what type of file it is.
    (audio, video, graphics, etc.)
    4. Rename the copied file’s extension to what type of file it is.
    5. Try to play/access/show it. If it doesn’t work chances are you’ve
    chosen the wrong extension for that file. Just try another extension.
    (If you’re wrong, don’t worry, you still have your original, untouched file.)
    6. If it works, move the renamed copy to another folder and delete the original file.

  13. Hi guys,

    I have a 1TB Toshiba external HDD..The problem here is I use it to watch movies on the television. Now there are few files shown on the Television but not accessible when I connect it to any computer or Laptop. How do i get to see them.

  14. they are in fact stored in found.000 found.001 and so on …..but these files cannot be seen on the computer

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