What do Hashtags on Twitter Mean?

Today Facebook is considered as the best social networking site but it is human nature that if we keep sticking with something we all gets bored. Then how can we stick to a particular social networking site? We should not focus all our attention to FB only. There are other social networking sites also.

Twitter is one of them. It has lots of exciting features and hashtags is one of them. In last few days I came across some tweets having ‘#’ signs like #subtweet, #brandmanager etc. So I tried to locate what exactly do these hashtags mean and thus would like to share my experience with you all.

Hashtags are actually tags which let you insert some key words or searchable items into your tweets. There are thousands of different hashtags on twitter. Some of them are funny, some are useful and some are absolutely meaningless. Hashtags become meaningful when a large number of users give it a definition.

So when you see some posts like the ones as shown in the screenie above, which includes hashtags you would probably want to know the meaning of these tags. There is a website called TagDef that can let you know the meaning of these hashtags. You can also add your own hashtags from this page.

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