What is a Rogueware and how to remove it?

You must have heard of many computer infections like malware, adware etc but ever heard what’s a Rogueware is? Yes, computer world have got this new type of malicious infection lately.

What is a Rogueware?
Rogueware, also known as Rogue security software is a new type of internet fraud that fools the users to buy some tool that helps in malicious code removal but in fact spreads more of it. The infection works in the similar way of fooling people and stealing them of their money.

How does Rogueware spread?
There is no particular form in which it spread; however it makes use of the simple principle of fooling people and forcing them to have the Rogueware installed in the system.

Say, for instance, it can happen that you come across some message saying your system is infected with a virus, and are asked to buy a Anti Virus which in turn is a Rogueware that does no help but spreads more of the malwares (similar to scareware).

How to stay protected?

Follow the principles of safe computing (some listed below), and you shall remain malware infections free:
•    Never open any attachment from an unknown sender in your email inbox.
•    Don’t let any peer download or access your system.
•    You must have come across this situation when a movie, you downloaded from internet, requires some special codec to play. Don’t even think of downloading them, as they are mostly infectious.
•    While scanning your system online, trust only the famous and trusted web services.

How to remove it:

•    Rogueware which are browser-based gets terminated automatically on the closure of the browser.
•    Try System Restore, it can help.
•    If you are unable to do so, deleting the user might help.
•    Final step would be to reinstall the OS.

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7 Replies to “What is a Rogueware and how to remove it?”

  1. A trojan is a different thing, it is a computer malware that infects and spreads while rogueware is a type of fraud in which user is asked to install some AV which in turn is a malicious program.

  2. so basically rougeware is a software that harms computer. But it pretends to do something good.

    Wiki- Trojan , is “software” that is
    intended to perform, simultaneously, a
    desirable (expected) effect and a covert
    (unexpected) effect.

    which seems alike. Both seems to be software harming a computer. Kindly throw some more light on the difference.

  3. @Mahaveer
    Ok here are the differences:
    1. Trojans replicate/duplicate themselves on their own
    2. Trojans can spread to any removable drive on their own while Rogueware is always installed by the user
    3. Trojans harm computer, rogueware fool users
    4. Trojans, neither force users to install them nor needs permission to spread

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