What is GoogleCrashHandler.exe and why is it Running?

If you have been wondering what this process is GoogleCrashHandler.exe and why it is present in your system then this post will help you in understanding it. If you use any Google product like the Google Chrome or any other tool then you are likely to see this process in your task manager.

How to find if your system is running this process?

Determining the process running in the background is very simple, you just need to run the task manager and locate the process. So if your system is running this process, then you should see the process named GoogleCrashHandler.exe in the list of all the processes running.

What is GoogleCrashHandler.exe?

GoogleCrashHandler.exe is a process that is incorporated by the Google in its products and runs itself whenever you try to install any google product like the browser Chrome. Now the point to note here is that not all systems having Google products installed have this, then why the others, the answer is below.

Why is GoogleCrashHandler.exe running?

According to Google, if you have selected to send the anonymous statistics and crash reports to Google during a product crash or abnormal shutdown, then your system will have this process running in the Task Manager. The option is available at the time of product installation, and if you have selected this option then the process will be present else not.

This means that this process GoogleCrashHandler.exe works in background to provide Google about the abnormal crash and activity of the tool, which will help them to build and fix the product in future.

So in case you don’t want this process in your system just ensure to uncheck the option while installing the new Google product.

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