What is GrooveMonitor.exe and How to remove it?

If after installing Microsoft Office 2007 you have been wondering what is GrooveMonitor.exe and from where does it come from then here is the information about its existence.

What is GrooveMonitor.exe?

GrooveMonitor.exe is a service that gets installed when you install Microsoft Office 2007 and belongs to GrooveMonitor utility. This means it tracks Microsoft Groove behavior and creates error reports which are sent back to the Microsoft.

Reasons to uninstall GrooveMonitor.exe

GrooveMonitor.exe always loads up itself at every system boot and doesn’t come useful to us, then why should we keep it in the system? It doesn’t get uninstalled even if you have removed Office 2007 from your system.

Steps to remove GrooveMonitor.exe

1.    Type msconfig in Run box and uncheck the GrooveMonitor.exe process from the startup list or you can delete the entry from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.

2.    You could also use the following Microsoft Cleanup Utility.

The tool is called Windows Installer CleanUp Utility which can uninstall all the Microsoft programs if removing them has been a problem.

The utility comes very handy when you are unable to uninstall the program from Control Panel or the files are corrupted.

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