What is JPEG Exploit and how it works

Microsoft’s unpatched system that is the systems that are not having the security patches installed were exposed to these risks called JPEG Exploits.

JPEG Exploit is a way of attacking the system with a malware in which a malware is converted into a JPEG file which when run using the Microsoft’s default Picture and Fax viewer activates the malware. The malware in turn downloads the suspicious files in the background thereby attacking the system.

Malformed JPEG files are capable of triggering a buffer overflow in a common Windows component. To safeguard against these risks follow the steps as listed below:

1. Never open a suspicious file if it is linked to a jpeg image.

2. Keep your systems updated to the latest OS and the patches released.

3. Installing the latest security updates for different applications keep the system protected.

4. You may also use third party image viewers for viewing the image files.

5. Keep your anti-malware updated and run a complete scan every 10 days.

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