What is Jqs.exe and How to disable it?

For all you people wondering what this process Jqs.exe is and what it is doing in our system, here are the required details.

What is Jqs.exe?

When you open the Task Manager you may note that a process named Jqs.exe is running in the background. It consumes a small part of the memory but surely a useful one. It consumes around 1.5 Megabytes of computer memory and 2 Megabytes of virtual memory.

Jqs is short for Java Quick Starter and belongs to Java. The process is required to improve the startup time of Java applets and applications by pre-fetching Java Runtime Environment files frequently into memory.

Steps to disable it

Surely the process is useless for someone who does not deal that frequently with Java applets and thus should disable it.

•    To disable just visit the Control Panel and open the Java entry.

•    Now go to Advanced tab and look for the Miscellaneous entry below.

•    Make sure to uncheck the activated Java Quick Starter entry.

That’s it the process has been disabled and removed.

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  1. Unfortunately, with the recent versions of Java, this no longer works. There is no way to permanently disable jqs.exe that does not get undone when java is updated. Thanks Sun! 😛

  2. I agree with Pete. Following the instructions to de-select jqs on the Java Control Panel doesn’t stop jqs.exe from restarting with a reboot. I have to kill the process in Task Manager every reboot.

    And yes, this is a horrible resource drain on my old, low-ram system.

    Really bad move, Sun.

  3. Search for the file services.msc – on my system it’s in
    Double-click the file to open it. You get a window called “Services(local)”.
    Now scroll down to Java Quick Starter.
    Right click it, select Properties.
    Under Startup Type, change it from “automatic” to “disabled”.

  4. Right click on ‘my computer’
    select manage
    select services
    right quick on ‘Java Quick Start’
    select Properties
    change ‘Startup Type’ to ‘disabled’
    select apply or ok
    then right click on it again and click on ‘stop’

    I hope this helps

  5. jqs.exe seems to prevent my monitor from powering down. Disabling the program allows power options to shut down the monitor. I’m running XP Pro SP3.

  6. “What is Jqs.exe?” – malware as far as i’m concerned.

    it kills power save on my xp box (turn off monitor, stand-by, etc.)… the only way to truly disable it is through services.msc, despite the provided “option” in the java cp… even then it gets re-enabled after every java update… and unless you know to look for it specifically it can be very difficult to diagnose.

    that’s malware.

  7. this process was using more i/o time than all my other stuff put together, and causing UI lag. and keeping my monitors on. GG java. I’ve hated you since you came out in the 90s.

  8. these things like java, adobe, are poo. updates that are looking for what you do, so they can sell you info. wish we could sue them.

  9. Guys, jqs.exe process still loads despite of unchecking from Control Panel Java Applet as well as MsConfig startup. Any idea whats could be wrong?

  10. So I lose 0.1 seconds of load-time… and only the first time I use java.

    Should jqs really even exist at all????

    Do the folks at sun even know this is all just a pointless waste of time, trouble, memory, and resources?

  11. You can shut it down through the task manager also. Press Ctrl and Alt and Del (all 3 keys together at the same time). Some versions of Windows then present you with an options menu. Choose the one that says “Start Task Manager” or something like that.
    Other Windows users will not have an options menu, you guys will go straight to the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl & Alt & Del.
    There are 2 drop down menu lines ;

    1) File Options View Shutdown Help
    Applications Processes Performance Networking Users …

    Choose the Processes menu.
    Click on jqs.exe then you will see in the bottom right hand corner a tab saying End Process. Click it. Ignore the Warning that follows, it’s a standard warning for all programs that run in the background, when you try to close them manually.

    If you see SBAMSvc.exe aswell you can shut that down while you are at it. That is a crap program that eats tons of RAM. Its from Sunlight I think and ridiculously enough is an anti malware program, but seems to do more harm than good.

    I always use Processes Menu in Task Manager to shut down bad programs, then I switch to the Performance menu, and watch as the available Ram starts to increase and CPU usage drops off.

  12. it would seem while trying to stop the program if you rebooted it would pop up again so you can also go to run and type services.msc and stop the function from there. so even upon reboot it wont restart itself in your processes

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